About Us

Hi, we are Diana and Jacqui, owners of Opposite Coast Dyes. We met while working in New York City and became fast friends with our shared love of books and crafts. After many years of knitting and crocheting together we decided that it might also be fun to dye together. We made this decision after we lived on opposite coasts, but hey it gave us this great name! Jacqui natural dyes yarn and bag fabric, while Diana acid dyes yarn and sews bags.

We started this business as a fun way to collaborate with each other and to give back to the fiber world that we both love. In doing so we also wanted to stick to the things that we value the most, which are the environment, diversity of people and economics, and supporting the wool industry.  Our yarn is non-superwash, we both focus on using as little water as possible when dyeing, and recycling water when we can, our packaging (including yarn label) can be composted or planted to grow something, and we will be discounting sweater quantities of yarn to make sure our yarn is accessible to all sizes and pocketbooks. And if you are still struggling, feel free to email us to see what we can do for you. 

Once we are up and running we also plan on giving back to charities, so if you have suggestions, feel free to contact us. We look forward to this new adventure.


Diana Gee and Jacqui Hudson-Underwood

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