August Calendar

It's August! Our last month of summer, the last month we get to enjoy the summer heat, the best berries of the year (because everyone knows they taste better in the summer), and (for everyone in school) freedom. I think if you want to savor those summer thoughts and memories, you'll crave a skein of this month's colorway Saint Louis Avenue! This colorway captures all of the feelings, tastes, and emotions of summer, then transforms them into a beautiful yarn color we like to call St Louis ave!
Desktop Calendar

Diana likes St Louis ave with Empowerment Purple. She says the colors in that family make her happy, and she'd use them all year round! One of Jacqui's favorite combos is St Louis ave with Dongan ave because they're both bright summer colors that make her want to lay on the beach and eat fruit. I love the beautiful contrast between the magenta from St Louis ave and the deep yellow in Queens Blvd. Then the way the different magentas from each colorway connect the colorways makes it perfect!

Phone Calendar

Till next time everyone! Have a wonderful national dog month! (maybe you can make a St Louis ave sweater for your dog(s) 😏 just an idea) Oh and here are some pictures of Aristotle (Aka the Opposite Coast Dyes).

Happy National Dog Month